Google Chrome is losing ground on the Edge

Google Chrome is firmly in the forefront of browsers' market share, but as Microsoft's shift from the old Edge to Google's open source platform seems to be starting to pay off. In October 2020, Google's browser began to lose market share, while Microsoft Edge saw a significant increase in users.

It's about it latest report from NetMarketShare, a company that monitors what Internet users use to browse their favorite sites.

NetMarketShare records devices that have access to specific sites, but the sample size is very large and gives us a reliable market share of each browser.

The October 2020 report does not seem to bring any good news for Google. According to the latest figures, Microsoft Edge now has a market share of 10,22% on desktops.

Microsoft Edge market share rose from 8,84% in September to 10,22% in October.

It is a huge leap compared to the statistics of the fourth quarter of 2019, which was only 5,60%. This is an impressive increase of 4,62% from year to year.

Google Chrome is still ahead of Microsoft Edge, but Google certainly won't be too happy with those numbers. According to the report, Chrome's share fell from 69,94% to 69,25% while Firefox's share rose to 7,22% from 7,19%.

Google holds the market share of browsers because all Android phones have Chrome pre-installed and the company's search results encourage users to use Chrome for better "security, performance and privacy".

It is also worth noting that Chromium Edge now comes pre-installed with the Windows 10 October 2020 Update and will come with every newer version of the Microsoft operating system from now on.

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