Google Chrome DNS-over-HTTPS and Android

Google said today that Chrome for Android will soon support the DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH), a protocol that encrypts and secures DNS queries to enhance user privacy.

DoH support is already available in desktop versions of Chrome browser from May, and Chrome 83 release. However, the feature was never available in the Chrome versions of Android and iOS.

In a brief post, Google announced that it has now decided to enable the feature for Android users. So we will see DoH enabled in the Chrome browsers of mobile devices in the coming weeks.

All users who will update Chrome for Android to version 85 will see a new option in their browser settings called "Secure DNS".

The Secure DNS option will be disabled by default, but if enabled, Chrome will start performing DNS queries on the DoH encrypted form.

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Google Reported that the feature works identically to versions of Chrome for desktops, which means users do not need to have OS-level DNS settings.

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