Google Chrome: Enable quick tab / window closure

Google Chrome has several hidden settings, some of which are disabled by default because they are still in the experiment.Google Chrome

Many of these will eventually come to Chrome as permanent features, but some of them will be retired. In any case, there are in your Chrome that you use and you can use them.

We often present some interesting hidden Chrome settings that can enhance your browsing experience. Today we will present a secret option called "Enable Fast Tab / Window Close" or "Enable fast tab / window closing", which affects the performance of closing a tab of your browser.

Fast Tab / Window Close is a hidden flag that when enabled closes all JavaScript events on the page you want to close regardless of the GUI. This means that Chrome will close slightly faster tabs and windows.

How it can be activated:Seo

Open it Google Chrome and type the following text in the address bar:

chrome: // flags / # enable-fast-unload

This will open the flags page directly in the relevant setting.
Click the Activate link below. The text "Enable" will change to "Disable" which means that the new feature is enabled in your browser.

Please restart Google Chrome and you're ready.

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