Google Chrome removes the security indicator from HTTPS pages

As part of its effort to make the web safer, Google said on Thursday that it will stop labeling HTTPS pages as "secure".

The rationale behind the move, according to Google, is that "users should expect the web to be secure by default." The company will remove the green padlock and "safe" wording from the Chrome address bar from version 69 that will be released in September.HTTPS

Google initially announced that it would begin labeling HTTP pages "unsafe" with Chrome 68 coming out in July.

By October with Chrome 70, Google will start displaying a red "unsafe" warning when users visit HTTP pages.
"Before, the use of HTTP was too high to mark all pages HTTP "with a bright red warning," said Google.

Google has taken further steps to encourage the use of HTTPS, a secure encryption template for web data. For example, the company classifies websites that use HTTPS higher in search results.

If you are interested in adding to your SSL page, there are some free and easy ways to secure it. For example, the Internet Security Research Group (ISRG) offers Let's Encrypt for free SSL certificates.

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