Google Chrome Do You Know All Inside Hidden Functions?

Google Chrome externally looks like a set simple browser, but internally has too many pages for advanced settings, tweaks, test features and more.

All of these pages are hidden behind internal addresses prefixed with chrome: //. Google ChromeBelow we will see the most useful of these:

The best known internal address is chrome: // about. This page is very useful as it displays all other Google Chrome internal pages in a list of live links or active links. This allows you to access with one click.

Google Chrome: List of URLs

In the list above, you will find that many of the links are linked to specific parts of the Chrome settings menu, such as chrome: // chrome, which takes you to the Chrome update page, or the chrome pages: // bookmarks, chrome: // apps, and chrome: // newtab, which open the functions they mention.

Chrome: // Flags: Chrome's experimental features and more

It's probably the most popular of all internal pages because it's the place where Google hides all the experimental features. Flags will allow you to explore the features of beta editions with a simple switch. So if problems arise, you can easily return to the fixed setting.

Chrome: // System: Detailed system information

If you want to see what your Chromebook is, visit the Chrome: // System home page. You'll find everything from software and firmware versions to the details of any hardware in your system.

While this page is much more useful on your Chromebook, you can also use it on your desktop browser. It will show you less but interesting components of your system.

Chrome: // Net-Internals: Real-time Network Diagnostics

The details you see will not be useful to average users. But if you're looking for advanced information about using the Chrome network, you'll find the page very interesting.

Chrome: // Inspect: developer tools

If you want a small picture of what Chrome can do internally, the Chrome: // Inspect page will show it to you. Like the chrome: // net-internals page, it's clearly geared towards developers, but also for those who want to look in-depth on what's going on inside of Chrome.

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