Google Chrome password manager even easier to use

A year ago, in February 2022, Google Chrome's Canary channel received an update that brought the option to add notes to saved passwords. To add a note, a user should go to settings.

The ability to add notes is considered useful as it allows the user to add various information related to the password itself, such as the last time the password was changed, when it will automatically expire, the security questions, and more.

Google is now trying to make this option even more user-friendly and convenient for users.

Reddit and Chrome user Leopeva64-2, Reported that Chrome Canary builds allow you to add notes from within the password management box itself, which means you can edit the content even if you're on that site where you want to use the password.

Similarly, editing saved passwords will also work from the same box, without having to open the Chrome page where it displays saved passwords (internal address chrome://settings/passwords).

Essentially, right now, the feature works by clicking on the password manager's autofill bubble and using the “Edit Note” option shown in the image above.

However, as we mentioned above, this is a feature that is still in the Canary channel. This means it will be a while before we see it in the Stable version. After all, storing and managing passwords involves sensitive information, so these kinds of features always require a lot of testing before they can finally be released to the general public. The Best Technology Site in Greecegns

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