Google Chrome security alert, fourth in two months

Google Chrome has more than 2 billion users worldwide. This of course makes the browser a very interesting target for hackers and unfortunately security updates are not always enough.

This weekend, the company released its fourth Chrome emergency update in two blead

In a recent post on its official blog, Google revealed seven high-level security threats discovered in Chrome that work on all operating systems (Android, Windows, iOS and Linux).

The company of course does not publish too much information about vulnerabilities trying to save time until most of its users inform.

He mentions but the following security vulnerabilities:

  • High - CVE-2021-30598: Reported by Manfred Paul. Type Confusion in V8.
  • High - CVE-2021-30599: Reported by Manfred Paul. Type Confusion in V8.
  • High - CVE-2021-30600: Reported by 360 Alpha Lab. Use after free in Printing.
  • High - CVE-2021-30601: Reported by 360 Alpha Lab. Use after free in Extensions API.
  • High - CVE-2021-30602: Reported by Cisco Talos. Use after free in WebRTC.
  • High - CVE-2021-30603: Reported by Google Project Zero. Race in WebAudio.
  • High - CVE-2021-30604: Reported by SecunologyLab. Use after free in ANGLE.

All of the above vulnerabilities can be used by hackers to run code and gain control of a target computer or device.

Google urges all Chrome users to check if they have the latest version of the browser.

Chrome is one of the top browsers available. However, we can not ignore that this is the fourth time he reports vulnerabilities in two months and the eighth 0day for this year. The number of attacks is constantly increasing and you should probably consider changing your browser.

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Bonus Tip: Since Edge, Vivaldi, Opera etc are based on Chromium, which Chrome also uses, give Firefox a try.

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