Google Chrome 69 new design & features

Google Chrome celebrates its 10 years of circulation and has a new design. Google announced today too many changes to see in the most popular browser in the world. Changes relate to aesthetics and functionality.
Google Chrome
More specifically, the new Google Chrome will have a more flat (flat) design, in accordance with the principles of Google Material Design. We will see the specific changes in mobile applications but also in Chrome for desktops.

The icons of favicons will be easier to see when you have filled the application with open tabs and menus are reportedly modified and simplified in different versions of the application.

In terms of functionality, there are some notable changes:

  • New auto-fill in the password manager to be more accurate on different websites.
  • Automatically create a strong password to link to your Google Account.
  • The search bar - also known as Omnibox - will display more information without you having to open a new tab.
  • Search function of a particular tab within the Omnibox, very useful if you use 100 + tabs at the same time.
  • Search your Google Drive directly from your browser's search bar.
  • Shortcuts for your favorite sites in the new tab, and definition of background image.

The new version of Google Chrome is released today and you can download it from official webpage.

If you're wondering about performance, Google says it continues to optimize start-up, latency, memory usage, and more, although no changes to this particular build appear.

See the presentation video

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