Google: 64bit applications only from August of 2019

Google today announced that it will only allow 64-bit applications to be released in the Play Store from August on 2019.

"For applications that use native libraries, 64-bit code typically offers significantly better performance," the company said in the Developers Blog.

Please note that Apple has stopped supporting 32-bit applications in iOS 11 since we passed September.


The company goes on to say that in the future the Android operating system will only support 64-bit applications.

So if you are a developer and your application has 32-bit libraries, you will need to add alternatives and 64-bit libraries to the APK that you upload to the Play Store.

Today's Google announcement means that those who have apps through the Play Store must upgrade them with the necessary plug-ins until August of 2019 to stay on the Play Store.

The company also announced that it will soon be adding security metadata that will help to verify applications as an additional security measure.

If you are interested you can read more at official announcement.

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