Google DevFest returns to the city of Thessaloniki!

There are a total of about 700 Google Developer Groups (GDGs) in over 100 countries, which work in the form of a voluntary community.

GDG Thessaloniki started its operation in the city of Thessaloniki in 2013, having managed to organize very important technological events and training programs. GDGs organize an annual technology event called "Google DevFest".

These annual DevFests gather over the world over 40.000 participants to get informed about Google technologies in a very friendly environment.Google

This year, Devfest returns to the city that started Thessaloniki. Devfest last year was held in Heraklion City, with more than 900 participations, while the previous events took place at the International Fair of Thessaloniki (TIF) with great interest and interest respectively.

This three-day event will bring together Developers, Businesses, Students and a wider audience dealing with technologies Mobile, Web and Cloud and looking for updates on Google's tools, platforms and products.

  Openindiana Hipster 2018.10 the open Solaris

Participation in the event is free of charge. For those who want to secure a place in the speeches, codelabs, get commemorative gifts and take part in the tango contest to win a tablet, there is the possibility to buy the RSVP ticket at the 16,70 € (for students and the unemployed have the reduced RSVP ticket at the price of 11,54 €).

Do not miss the chance to attend the event and take part in this global celebration of Google technologies and tools. 

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For more information and for participation, visit the official website of the event

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