Google Docs and no Google account

Google is testing a new feature that will allow G Suite users to invite non-Google account users to view, comment, suggest edits or even edit Google Docs, Sheets and Slides files instantly.

This has not been possible so far, as G Suite users could only share documents with users who had a Google account.

The way this new feature works will be through PIN (Personal Identification Numbers). Google has stated that G Suite users will be able to invite a user via email.

The email will contain a link to the shared document. Users who are not Google users will be able to access the link by requesting a PIN that they will receive via a second email.

With the PIN, users will be able to view or edit the shared file. The following GIF posted by Google explains the entire process.


File owners will be able to view a detailed activity log for each file and PIN that they have accessed. They will also be able to revoke access to each PIN at any time, or see an activity that does not approve it.

Google said this feature was already released in all G Suite accounts, but warned it is still in beta development.

G Suite administrators can sign up for the program, from here. After access is granted, G Suite administrators can limit this functionality by domains or restrict sharing of internal documents to whitelisted domains (such as partner e-mail domains).


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