Google Doodle for Sandford Fleming

Today, Google honors Ser Sandford Fleming with a Google Doodle, (7 January 1827 - 22 July of 1915). Sandford Fleming who became Ser was a Scotsman Canadian engineer and inventor. Born and raised in Scotland, he immigrated to the Canadian colony at the age of 18 years.

Sandford Fleming's Serge proposed that the land would be divided into time zones, designed Canada's first stamp, left a huge number of topographical surveys and mappings, designed a major part of Intercolonial Railway and Canadian Pacific Railway, and was a founding member Royal Society of Canada and founder of the Royal Canadian Institute, a scientific organization in Toronto.Sandford Fleming

The idea of ​​separating his time zones came to 1876 when he lost one in Ireland because the printed program wrote pm. instead of. So proposed a one-time 24 hourly measurement for the whole world, with reference to the center of the Earth, not related to any meridian of the surface of the earth.

At a meeting of the Royal Canadian Institute on February 8 1879, associated with the Greenwich anti-meridian (now 180 °), suggested that local time zones should be used locally, but would depend on the single world time which he called Cosmic Time.

He went on to promote the system at major international conferences, including the 1884 International Meridian Conference. This conference accepted a different version of World Hour, but refused to accept the zones, saying it was a local matter outside its remit. Nevertheless, since 1929, all major countries in the world have accepted time zones.

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