Google Doodle to reveal NASA

Because h Google is always in the current events of today Doodle is dedicated to the seven planets found to orbit around a dwarf star and were announced yesterday by NASA.

According to the US Space Agency, the star-dwarf is at a distance of 40 light years away from our planet (a road cigarette). Google doodle

The planets discovered by NASA, according to the announcement of the space agency, are similar in size to the Earth and similar temperatures prevail on their surface. This means that water is probably on their surface in liquid form, which for scientists is considered a very good sign of the presence of life.

According to the scientists who made the announcement, the most suitable living conditions for the seven discovered planets prevail in at least three of them. Scientists are optimistic that three out of seven have the potential to find oceans.

Because this is a very rare discovery (at the moment and with the technical means of space exploration we have), the Google dedicated today Doodle in yesterday's revelation NASA which made headlines in all the media.

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