Google Drive for Desktop synchronization all in one

Google is a company that offers many solutions to the same problem. This sometimes works well, but most of the time, it leads to confusion, inconsistency and uncertainty. This applies not only to messaging applications, for example, but also to cloud synchronization and backup applications.

Google seems to be trying to fix the latter with an all-in-one sync client. Google Drive for Desktop is already available for Windows and Mac users.


Before that, Google had two cloud sync clients for different types of audiences, and with overlapping features. Backup and Sync was the only solution available to consumers, while Drive File Stream was exclusively for the company's professional customers. So these two applications became one.

Drive for desktop lets Google Drive users access their desktop files without having to sign in from a web browser. It also offers convenient backup and synchronization capabilities with automatic file transfer to and from the cloud. This even includes uploading and syncing images to Google Photos.

Drive for desktop also supports USB and external hard disk synchronization in the cloud, for example, for cloud backups. If network bandwidth is a problem, you can also choose to mirror the files on your local device for instant access. This saves bandwidth, but the file may not be synced.

Drive for desktop is now available for download for Windows and Mac. Google recommends that users turn to the new app by September of this year. After this point, they will no longer be able to sync files using old applications.

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