Google: Delisted to DuckDuckGo

The DuckDuckGo search engine has taken over Google's control of

Google had acquired domain when it intended to buy the OnNNXX video codec startup 2, although the deal was not completed. For history, On2009 was formerly known as the Duck Corporation. So he bought the domain.Google

For those who don't know, DuckDuckGo was founded by 2008 and is a competitor to Google, which aims to keep users safe by not monitoring their movements on the web. The company also promises to show the same results to all users, unlike Google.

Originally the problem with was that it was redirecting to, which could be confusing. But in July, Google's Rob Shilkin responded to the criticism of a Bloomberg journalist about the situation, indicating that the domain was already showing on

However, this did not cover its founder DuckDuckGo, Gabriel Weinberg, who, in a tweak that was now deleted, sent his thanks for the new redirection in July, along with a request to buy the domain from Google.

Five months later, and as it seems, DuckDuckGo acquired, which now redirects to WHOIS registration details are not disclosed, but ownership appears to have been officially transferred to 7 December 2018.


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