Google Duo for everyone on the web without application

Google Duo is now available on the web just as it is on Android and iOS. This means you can make voice and video calls from your browser without having to download the Google Duo app.

It is not going to change your life, but it will make it easier…

Google Duo

The Google Duo was first announced on 2016's Google I / O. Released a little later with the Google Allo app. Let's remind you that the Allo application was for instant messaging, while Duo for voice calls and video calls.

However, Google Duo has recently acquired a special webpage at

To use Google Duo on the web, you just have to visit the page, sign in with your Google Account, and you can get started.

If you have previously used the application, you will see a list of your contacts already using the Duo.

If not, you can use the Duo on the web by entering your mobile phone number and verifying that you are entering a code that will be sent by the company via SMS.

The appearance of the Google Duo on the web is similar to that of the app. Voice and video calls can be made from Google Chrome, Firefox, and Apple Safari. The web application does not seem to work on Microsoft Edge, but it will probably be fixed.

Let's add that it did not seem to make sense for Google to keep the Duo limited only as a mobile application. Adding Duo to the web means everyone can use the app, regardless of the device they use. Therefore, we expect the popularity of the application to grow. If Google does not grow (as we have seen in the past) it will not hesitate to close the project as it prepares to do with the Google+ social network in April.

Let's say you can already use it Google Allo on the web, although Google has announced it will stop the service in March of 2019 and will promote Messages.

Google is this…



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