Google Earth View 1000 amazing wallpapers for free

Google has released hundreds of beautiful wallpapers that it has been collecting for years Earth View. The images show stunning sights from the satellites, providing an almost surreal view of the mountains and oceans of our planet.

Today, the company he added over 1.000 images in this collection, bringing the total to over 2.500 landscapes.

The company states that the new images are optimized "with brighter colors, clearer images and resolutions up to 4K."


You can learn more about how Google collects images through Earth View in the video below.


Needless to say, almost every image is a small miracle. It is what they say, that a picture is worth a thousand words.


If you are interested, you can download the images from the Google Earth View Gallery or install the Chrome View extension in Chrome to view a new image each time you open a new tab in your browser.

You can also sort the images by color using a new color map, which can help you find images that suit your particular aesthetic.

Select and download the images you are interested in

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