Google email to those affected by data leakage

Google has started sending notifications to those affected by it error in Google + API which was revealed in December of 2018. The alert contains details about which profile data was displayed, and which applications accessed them.


On 10 December 2018, Google announced that a bug in the Google + API allowed applications to allow users to view private data on their profile that they normally should not have access to.

According to the company's announcement, this error affected over 50 millions of users.

Since last week, Google+ users who have been affected by this bug have begun receiving notifications from Google that mention which profile fields were exposed and which applications accessed them. The fields exposed as well as the applications are in an attached file called app_details.csv, in accordance with bleepingcomputer.

The company has already decided to terminate the Google + social service in August of 2019 due to its non-interest from users but also one previous error in the API who leaked personal information from 500.000 Google+ accounts.

With the unveiling of the second bug in the API in December, Google has decided to close the service against "headaches, headaches." 2019.

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