Google is coming new search engine

Google plans to make its search engine more "visual, gustatory, personal and human", with a focus on serving young people worldwide, he reported on Saturday the Wall Street Journal, citing company documents.

google project magi

The move comes as artificial intelligence (AI) applications such as ChatGPT are rapidly gaining popularity, offering a technology that could revolutionize the way businesses operate and society itself.

Google will roll out a new search service that will be very different from the one we know with "blue links," the traditional format for presenting search results, and plans to incorporate more human voices as part of the change, the publication said.

At its annual I/O developer conference next week, Google is expected to unveil new features that will allow users to hold conversations with an AI program, a project codenamed “Magi,” the WSJ reports, citing people familiar with the matter. theme. .

Generative AI has become a trend this year, with applications capturing the public's imagination and sparking incredible competition among companies scrambling to launch similar products. The Best Technology Site in Greecegns

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