Google is preparing to sell ethical advice

Google is preparing a new service that will provide ethical advice to companies that develop AI solutions.

According to one Publication of Wired, the company is considering launching this ethics consulting service by the end of 2020.

Journalist Tom Simonite reports:

Initially, Google will offer other tips for various tasks, such as detecting racial bias or developing ethical guidelines governing AI projects. In the long run, the company can offer control of its customers' AI systems for ethical integrity and ethical advice.

Does Google want to test for bias with the algorithms it uses and is considering selling ethics tips?

We are talking about the company that was caught exploits the homeless to develop facial recognition algorithms? We mean Google, the company that recently stopped having the diversity programs who develops conservatives?

Google, which developed a censored search engine for China, created a weapons platform with artificial intelligence for the Pentagon and has a long history punishment of activists;

If you pay Google to test your artificial intelligence, you may not be so sure of the results. Google still wants to make money and don't forget:

Google Don't be evil also valid for 2020?

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