Google: Gmail's new right-click menu comes up

Google will make the Gmail right-click menu much more useful. What does this mean; So you can see and do more when you right-click on a Gmail email. This might save you a few seconds at a time when every second counts.

With the rise of social networking platforms and messaging apps, some have reported that the end of email is near.

This just never happened and most of us use emails every day. This daily use of emails means that even the smallest changes can have a positive effect. A simple UI change can save seconds for those who deal with email on a daily basis.

Google: Gmail will get a new context menu on the right click

This is Google's latest change in the way Gmail works. This is a small change in the UI that significantly expands the number of options available when you right-click on a single gmail Before your options were very limited. You could just create a new email, delete it, or mark it as unread.

In the next period we will notice all the changes, as you will be able to reply to one, reply to all, promote, use the Label as option, Snooze, Mute and search for emails, all from the new menu on the right click. The change is not innovative, but it will certainly be welcome.

Such as described in detail on the G Suite Updates Blog, the new menu will appear directly to G Suite customers and is expected to be available to everyone else soon. __________________________

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