Google Groups create a forum and add to WordPress

You can use Google Groups to create a group online. This team can be your own, for your organization, your class or anything else you think about. recently on we used it as a technical support forum for the friends of the page.Google Groups

With Google Groups, you can:

Exchange emails
Organize meetings
Find people with similar hobbies or interests

You can also change the type, name and description of your group, who can participate, who can post and who sees the topics that have been published.

Let's see how you can create your own Group and add it to your CMS (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla!)

Create group

Sign in to Google Groups. In the top left corner, click Create Group.
Add the items you need and select the group settings. Next, click Create.

There are 3 types of Google Groups. Google claims that the three different types are just different configurations of the same settings. You can reset a Google group from one type to another, even though the type you choose is never clear…

Email List (the most common type)

Users can post from the web or emails by sending an email to the group email
You can easily schedule calendar events for the group by entering the group email in the visitor field
Sharing documents with the entire group
Posts / replies can be labeled, published, and / or locked. Posts can have attachments and pictures.
Users will receive email information to choose to receive each post individually or receive a total of emails.

Forum on the Web

Designed to work like all forums. However, users can receive emails, such as important announcements. This type of group is similar to the online forums that use many websites.

questions and answers

Designed specifically for users who want to post questions. Instead of open discussions, this type of Group focuses on solving a topic for each of the published questions.

By using the three features in question and answer forums (best answer, down vote for answers, and question templates), users can challenge or suggest the best answer.
So in the end you will have the best answer, such as the page Stackoverflow.

After selecting the type you want, and making the necessary adjustments, you are almost ready. For the settings:

  • Sign in on Google Groups.
  • Click the item My teams.
  • Select a group.
  • Near the top right corner, click Management. A menu appears on the left.
  • To the left, click Information - General information.
  • Make your changes.
  • Click the button Storage.

Add to the CMS you are interested in

In your CMS admin panel, create a new page with the text editor and not with the visual editor because we will write a code.

Add the following code (we'll explain below)


The code is a simple iframe, with some parameters, which are explained below.
First we will see the Group URL used in

From the very beginning, the parameters:
scrolling = ”no” (Values ​​can be two: yes or no. The no does not allow the scrolling, or side scroll bar)
frameborder = ”0 XNUMX (Values ​​can be 0 or 1, 0 does not display a box around the Group)
width = ”900 ″ (width, the best price of course is 100%)
height = ”700 ″ (height, select the frame height you need, if the publication is larger, there is a side scroll bar).

Now that we're done with iframe, let's look at javascript:

As you see, it contains the Group URL that we use on
Change the URL to your own, be careful not to delete any of them ".

Javascript parameters:

showsearch: true if you want the search box to appear, and false if you do not need it.
showtabs: true if you want to display tabs (labels, members etc), and false if you want to hide them.
hideforumtitle: true if you want to hide the forum title with the description and false if you want to show it.
hidesubject: true if you want to hide the topic of the last post in My Forums view, and false to appear.

That's it. If you experience a problem, please do not hesitate to write us in the comments, or in forum of the page.


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