Google helps you pronounce words correctly

Google is developing a new audio-visual function in Search that is designed to help you pronounce words correctly.

There are thousands of languages ​​spoken around the world and each one has hundreds of thousands of words. Therefore, it is impossible to know all the words even in your native language, let alone a second or third language. When you come across either a new word, you can search the internet for how to pronounce it. And Google will help with that.

Along with translation as well as simple search, Google is acquiring some new tricks to help you pronounce the words correctly. The first trick will be a feature that will allow you to practice your language skills. The second will be adding visuals designed to give the meaning of the word.

The first will allow you, after hearing the word you are looking for, to practice by pressing the "Practice" key and saying it. Google will then correct you using speech recognition and machine learning technology. Depending on how you pronounce the word, Google will provide feedback on the correct pronunciation and where you are wrong.

Google will also provide visual representations of the words you are looking for. This is designed to help learners and will be especially useful for multiple-word words. Google for now will start with the essentials, hoping to expand in the future.

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