Google: HTTPS by default on all Blogger blogs

Google announced HTTPS experimental support on Blogger (Blogspot) last September. A today's announcement of the company says the tests went well and so the protocol comes as a default for all platform users' blogs.blogger HTTPS

As early as September, the company had added a Blogger management setting that allowed users to enable HTTPS security links on their blogs.


This setting no longer exists as the feature is valid by default on all blogs. In place of the removed setting there is a new option called "HTTPS redirect."https

This option, if enabled, will automatically redirect all blog visitors to HTTPS URL instead of HTTP links.

This redirection works automatically, and users who click on links that are posted on social networks or other pages will automatically be transferred to secure HTTPS connections without having to do anything.

In September, with the first tests, bugs were encountered on subdomain blogs, such as, and not on blogs that work with custom domains, such as

The error was known as "mixed content" and according to Google some subdomains blogs are likely to encounter similar errors.


This has created a tool to help you identify mixed content errors, and fix your web pages.

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