Google Jamboard 55-inch, 4K for 6000 dollars

Google today unveiled a new huge 55-inch 4-inch XNUMXK screen called Jamboard. The table supports company applications such as Google Docs, but also Android and iOS applications. The screen comes with accompanying indicators and eras, and will be available for purchase next year.

Its price is probably not aimed at individuals since the least it will cost is $ 6.000 if a company is interested in closing it from now on…οard/


The Google screen, besides allowing you to design, paste post-it notes, and write manually, has search terms and images on the web, add web content, and integrate Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and images stored on Drive.

You can make Hangouts, thanks to an HD camera built in above the screen. Support for YouTube will come later according to the company.

Google also says it will allow third-party developers to deploy applications that can run on the device.

The Jamboard at its core features Android OS.

See the presentation video

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