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Google he said today a new set of tools - the Journalist Studio - to help journalists work more efficiently using technology aids.

Journalist Studio is part of the company's Google News Initiative for better collaboration with the news industry in the evolution of digital journalism.

The company today introduced two new tools.

The Pinpoint helps journalists quickly read hundreds of thousands of documents, automatically identifying and organizing the most frequently cited terms (people, organizations, and locations).

The tool helps journalists use Google Search and Knowledge Graph, visual character recognition (OCR), and text-to-speech technologies to search PDFs, images, handwritten notes, e-mail, and audio files. It allows journalists to upload and analyze documents in seven languages: English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish.

Pinpoint was used by USA Today in a survey on 40.600 COVID-19 deaths in nursing homes, as well as by the Washington Post for an article on the opioid crisis in the US. Pinpoint is available and reporters can sign up to request access (Gmail address required).

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The next application The Common Knowledge Project is released as a beta and allows journalists to explore, visualize and share data on a variety of topics. Created by Polygraph, an award-winning visual journalism team supported by the Google News Initiative.

It helps journalists create interactive graphs from thousands of data points in minutes, as well as embed them in stories or share them on social media. The data comes from the Data Commons, which currently includes US data on demographics, economy, housing, education and crime.

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