Google removes cookies completely

A significant portion of Alphabet's revenue comes through its subsidiary, . Likewise, a significant portion of Google's revenue comes through search and ads.
To achieve this, the company uses third-party cookies and trackers to track user activity on the web in order to display personalized ads.

However, this seems to change as Google he said that will soon stop watching you on the Web.

Μια ανακοίνωση της Google νωρίτερα αυτό το μήνα αναφέρει ότι θα καταργήσει σταδιακά την υποστήριξη των cookies τρίτων. Είναι ένα μέρος της προσπάθειας της εταιρείας να “προσέξει” το privacy. To this end, Google has confirmed that once cookies are stopped, it will not create new identifiers to track user activity on the web and in its products.

The company has stated that while other competitors will create alternatives such as PII graphs based on email addresses, it will not engage in the practice, as it will not meet its requirements for user privacy. Instead, it is considering shifting its focus to privacy APIs that will continue to deliver relevant results to advertisers without tracking individuals.

Google reports that:

Developments in aggregation, anonymization, processing on devices and other technologies ς της ιδιωτικής ζωής προσφέρουν μια σαφή διαδρομή για την αντικατάσταση μεμονωμένων αναγνωριστικών. Στην πραγματικότητα, οι τελευταίες δοκιμές μας για το FLoC δείχνουν έναν τρόπο αποτελεσματικής απομάκρυνσης από τα cookies τρίτων από τη διαφημιστική εξίσωση και αντί για αυτό κρύβει άτομα μέσα σε ένα μεγάλο πλήθος ατόμων με κοινά ενδιαφέροντα. Ο intends to dispose of FLoC-based testing for public testing with next release this month, and we expect to begin FLoC-based testing with Google Ads advertisers in the second quarter.

The company says it will continue to work to strengthen links between customers and brand names, but this should not burden users' privacy. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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