Google Lens and iOS devices: how it works

Earlier this month Google announced the availability of the Google Lens on all Android devices, including those that are not Pixel. This week he eventually started to possess and iOS devices, such as iPhone and iPad.

Google Lens is a photo recognition tool and comes embedded in Google Photos. The app can give you additional information about what you see in a photo.Google Lens

The Google Lens is basically a visual search tool. So if you visit a new city and want to know the name of a specific building, take a picture of it, and run the Google Lens and recognize it.

Google Lens's visual search works with books, works of art, plants, animals, and more. It also works with business cards, brochures and billboards, offering event connections or allowing you to store company details in your contact list.

The feature was released for the first time last year on Google Pixel.

To get it on your iPhone, make sure to install the latest version of Google Photos. You can download the latest version of the application from the link below (you need the 3.15 version).

Download and test the Google Photos app on your iOS device

After installation, you can start the application and select a photo. In the uploaded photo, you will need to press the Google Lens button.

Once the app recognizes what's in the photo, it will give you any additional information about the subject of your photo. But it does not work for everything as the database continues and gathers information (something Google knows to do very well), but when it works it is terrible.

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