Google Lens and image searches

Google announced today that it brings the Google Lens service to Google image searches.
The change was initially announced at an event last month to commemorate Google's 20 anniversary, along with plans to view AMP stories and more videos on Google searches.Google Lens

The lens service on Google Images (Google Photos) will initially focus on detecting objects in images according to the company.

Press the lens button on an image and you will see bullets on items you can tap for more information or to find out where to buy them.

The lens service allows you to locate text within an image. Animals, plants, objects, or even show a theater room on your camera to buy tickets. Google lens can also scan business cards.

The introduction of the lens in Google's image searches follows the addition of the lens to the Camera app on the Pixel 3 smartphone, as well as Google Photos and Google Assistant on Android-powered smartphones.

The Google Lens is integrated directly into the Camera application on the phones manufactured by Sony and LG.


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