Google Lens will read doctors' letters

Doctors usually write prescriptions in a hurry, making it almost impossible for their patients to understand what they have written.

google doctors handwriting

And in a strange way, the pharmacists carry out the prescription without any problems and without resenting the chicken carvings of the recipe.

This problem of no one but doctors understanding the font has existed for decades, and many tech companies have tried to solve it with little to no success.

Now Google is trying to translate these incomprehensible texts. It announced at its annual conference in India that it is working with pharmacists to train Google Lens so it can process doctors' handwriting.

The feature, which will be coming to Google Lens, will allow users to either take a photo of the recipe or upload it from their photo library. Once the image is processed, the app will detect and highlight the drugs mentioned in it.

Of course, the implementation will be based on artificial intelligence to enable the program to be trained in medical "chicken carvings". The company did not say when it plans to roll out the new feature to users widely. The Best Technology Site in Greece
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