Google because it's hard to believe it

Yesterday, Google recognized that it had suffered a security breach and had not mentioned it to anyone because it was not legally bound. It also announced the upcoming closure of its Google+ social network.

It is almost the same story as Google's promise: do not evil, and the company's insistence on trusting her to make a better world. Google

What happened; Has the company been "ruined" by money and power? Or was Google never what it used to be?

Yesterday's publication at blog of the company by vice president of engineering Ben Smith. Reported for Google+:

While our teams of technicians have made a lot of effort and dedication in building Google + over the years, it has not achieved widespread adoption by consumers or developers and there is very limited user interaction with applications. The consumer version of Google+ is very low: 90% of the user's sessions in Google + are less than five seconds.

In essence, Google+ has always been a desert. However, every time we heard news from Google's PR and its executives, they insisted they were a dynamic product that developed and enjoyed spectacular adoption.

You know, like the ones Google Glass.

2011, when Google + was released, was clear that it was fighting for a share in the social network pie. At that time, Google+ executive in charge, Vic Gundotra, said:

You all know the truth. The momentum here is crazy. Unlike anything I've seen in 25 years of software development. Here's to 2012, and here's to Google+. Rock on


You all know the truth. The momentum is crazy. Unlike what I have seen in 25 software development years. Here 2012, here at Google +. Rock on.

This does not mean that Google is worse than any other technology company. We mention the above because the company claims to watch its customers, reports successes and amazing products. Of course, it is not uncommon for an advertising company to be poor in advertising itself.

Think of another famous advertising company, Facebook, which seems to be struggling to make its mark every week.


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