Google Maps with location data deletion feature

A future Google Maps update will include new features to automatically delete location history.

To this day Google Maps track your location for more convenience (according to Google) as you can simply search your history for easy navigation to a specific destination.Google Maps

Many are the ones who find the feature of Google Maps, especially useful, but there are users who consider their privacy much more important. For the latter, Google has decided to add the auto-delete feature of their location history from the app.

Let's say Google Maps already allows data to be deleted manually.

We do not know much about how the new feature is available at this time, but 9to5google He discovered a first beta of the application (10.10 beta) containing the new feature.

Google Maps has more new features

In addition to deleting history, Google is reportedly preparing more add-ons for the app, such as referrals based on your personal facts. Of course, this means that the app will need to have access to the calendar before it can review your Gmail bookings. So if a specific location is listed in your calendar entries, Google Maps will be able to automatically give you directions to your destination.

Obviously, you'll also have the ability to disable your personal events on Google Maps.



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