Google Maps view the history of your locations via Timeline

Today, Google announced the launch of Timeline, a Google Maps tool that shows you all the places you've been to. It works if you choose to save your Location History to Google.


The Director of the Service, Mr Gerard Sanz, referred in detail to his function at blog post , as the company gradually brings users the timetable for its Maps.

Can you tell us now how can this be used to you?

It could certainly be described as ease.

For some who like to remember the night that they have been going all day, especially if they have gone for some excursion, for some busy people who may want to see them found at their appointment, you might even want to see how your child moved (though here we say today's kids are doing well with gadgets, and it's hardly going to take it easy for you to control it).

Whatever Google has to use it Timeline as a way to quickly remind you and display your entire previous route.

timeline 2

Also, if you use Google Photos, this service will show the photos you captured on a specific day to boost your memory even further.

The best thing is that Timeline is designed for your eyes only - it does not share with any social network or other person.

You have complete control over what is stored, so if you want to remove one day - or even your whole story - you are free to do so.

You can also edit the posts on your Timeline, either by removing or renaming them. Any information you have left after your operation will appear whenever you're signed in to Google Maps.

Your Timeline is available for desktops and Android mobile devices.



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