Google Meet alerts if you create an echo

Google Meet will let you know shortly if it thinks you are creating an echo in your calls, Google said in a blog post on Monday. At this time, it is difficult to tell if a person is making an echo in a call, unless someone interrupts the meeting to say so. Google's new precautionary warnings are coming to help.

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Google reports that Meet is already controlling the sound and will stop the echo. But it may not take into account all the speaker and microphone settings that result in the sound being restored to the call. The new echo alert will appear as a red dot on the Meet interface but also as a text alert. By clicking on the alert you will be able to follow the steps needed to correct the echo, which include muteing your microphone, reducing the speaker volume, or switching to headphones.

Google reports that new echo alerts are already appearing on Google Workspace and G Suite Basic and Business customers. The mood for everyone will need up to 15 days to complete. Alerts are enabled by default and do not require any intervention from you. The Best Technology Site in Greece
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