Meet the first artists of humanity through Google

Google invites you to meet the first artists of humanity, through virtual reality. You can see in 3D the oldest murals in the world, from the Chauvet cave in France.


The Chauvet Cave in France is now closed to the public and contains some of the world's oldest prehistoric designs. You can only visit it via virtual reality and Google has taken care of that.

In this 36.000 years ago one of our ancient ancestors, who of course remains anonymous, shared with us his world through murals.

The 3D video of the company will wander you from the entrance of the cave located near a river, to the depths of it where you will see small paintings with animals of the time. Mammoths, lions, reindeer, vultures, horses and of course hunters are depicted.

Its title Google project is Meet our Ancestors (Meet our ancestors) and pressing the "translate with Google" button the page will "turn" in Greek.

You can watch the video in 3D simply from your browser, or with virtual reality via StreamVR. The Google website offers all the information you will probably want to hear about this cave. When was it discovered, by whom, what the most famous people said about the murals, such as Picasso, photos from the paintings and a lot more.

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