Google: more security features in Gmail

Google has added some new security features to Gmail, one of which is said to improve the detection of phishing or phishing using a specialized machine learning model.

According to the company 50 up to 70 percent of incoming messages in gmail is spam, but learning engineering techniques help Google beat spam and phishing messages with accuracy that reaches 99,

The latest engineering learning model improves the process by delaying selected messages (less than the average of 0,05% of messages) for further fishing analysis.

Google reports that new crawling patterns will also help create new warnings delaying access time to the URL by showing users a warning question when they clicked on a suspicious link. As new standards are identified, new protection models will be adapted and improved over time.

In addition, Google added external company alert warnings to prevent users from sending accidentally protected data to someone outside of their company.

Gmail will not stop sending, but with warnings it will be trying to delay it a bit, according to Google, as mechanical intelligence will alert Gmail if the recipient is an existing contact or someone with whom the sender interacts regularly.

Google also added new built-in defenses against ransomware and polymorphic malware, preventing millions of add-ons that are attached to emails.

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Threats are identified by combining flags of spam, malware, and ransomware with euristics attachments (emails that may be flagship threats), and digital signatures of senders (already identified as malicious programs).

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