Google's new algorithm detects propaganda videos

Google has begun to bring new, more powerful AI tools to its advertisers. The move came when top brands reported to Google that they saw their ads being shown in propaganda videos via YouTube.

Admittedly, advertisers do not want to fund extremism, albeit inadvertently, and several of the companies withdrew their ads.Google

So Google is reported to have developed a new improved algorithm to combat such incidents. According to Bloomberg, the company is now using an upgraded form of engineering learning to recognize inappropriate content five times more than it did before.

The new algorithm is reported to have been in operation for the past two weeks.

YouTube's huge video library is hard to control, at least from people. Thus it was inevitable that some of the control tasks should be assigned to AI algorithms.

Google's General Manager for Business Development, Philipp Schindler, told Bloomberg that human eyes have contributed to labeling but that they can not do everything.

"The problem cannot be solved by man and should not be solved by man."

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