Google News minimal with verification for fake news

Google News Minimal from today: Google introduced a new one today for her News. The redesign is contemporary, free of any “clutter.” It highlights what you're looking for when browsing through dozens of news stories.Google News Minimal

According to Google for Google News:

"To make the news more accessible and easier to navigate, we redesigned its website with a new focus on events, different perspectives and more control over them . "

Watching it news stream, you will easily find the scanned content.

The Google Story Card format allows users to quickly locate key information such as news source, title and publishing time.

Story cards also allow users to view the different perspectives of the same story, Encourage readers to gain a more in-depth view of the subject.

And if you look at the top of the page, you will see a new navigation bar for "Headlines" or "News Headlines", "Local" and "For You" or "For You".

"Local" is exactly what it sounds like and will show you tabs with stories locally. There is also "For You", a feature that adjusts the flow of news based on your interests.

The icing on the cake is the Fact Check block, a new service of ς. Με τη νέα υπηρεσία κάνει πολύ πιο εύκολο το να κρίνει κανείς την αξιοπιστία μιας ιστορίας. Είναι γνωστή η “ασθένεια” των MME το τελευταίο with the spread of fake news.

This feature is only available to US readers for the time being, but Google plans to develop it slowly globally. Until then you will be able to cross the news you read and share with your friends.

You can also check your new Google News UI from the link below: The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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