Google makes Tilt Brush open-source create 3D movies on VR

Tilt Brush: Google Daydream VR could have been much more useful if there was more 3D content. To meet this need, the company released a new set of tools to help artists create 3D games, music videos, and stories.Tilt Brush

Google has already shown us a series of 3D creations developed with the Tilt Brush application, which they released on YouTube for Daydream users to test the features of the device.

The company originally launched Tilt Brush 3D last April invited dozens of renowned artists to try it out.

Continuing, the company opened the Tilt Brush as an open-source toolbox. The applications of the new tool are many, imagine 3D stories, excursions or, for example, animations that react to music.

Google has released the open source code since last year, shortly after the Daydream device was announced, but today it has updated the kit in the GitHub with an SDK for the popular Unity VR / AR game engine

Η documentation provides a series of examples on how to use the tools and create 3D by adding interactive stories, animations that move to the rhythm of music, or turn on a controller to navigate through a scene.

It also has a number of reusable scripts for creating looping animations, teleport between locations within a sketch, and animation timeline.

The toolbox should help Google's ambition to bring VR through mobile to the general public with the Daydream device costing only 80 dollars. So far, only the Pixel and Moto Z phones work with Daydream, but soon there will be others such as ZTE Axon 7, ASUS ZenFone AR, and Huawei Mate 9 Pro.

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