Google paid $ 6,5 million to hackers for security bug reports

More than $ 6,5 million was paid by Google to researchers for reporting security bugs. The payments were made for the year 2019 and are part of the company's vulnerability reward program (VRP).

The amount of rewards paid for errors and disclosed through it VRP of Google, range from $ 100 to $ 31.337, which can increase dramatically for exploit chains (chain farms).

An example is his case Alpha Lab Guang Gong who received $ 201.337 for one exploit chain, which executed code remotely on Pixel 3 devices.

The amount paid as his rewards VRP program from Google, almost doubled for 2019 compared to the $ 3,4 million paid respectively in 2018 or the total amount paid each year since the program began in 2010.

Η Google has expanded the VRP program and now covers almost all of its products. Rewards those who discover vulnerabilities in Chrome, Android, the most popular third-party applications in Google Play etc.

In total, the company paid 461 security investigators during 2019, with Gong's reward being the largest single payment ever made.

Over the past 9 years, the company has rewarded researchers with approximately $ 15 million for vulnerabilities reported through the program. VRP.

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