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At Google I / O this week, the company unveiled some new features that will be coming to Google Photos.

Google said that despite the popularity of Google Photos, most of the 4 trillion photos stored on it have never even been viewed.

google photos

The new features try to make the most of the photos that usually no one looks at, such as adding a private image folder and new image display formats.

Password photos

Google has announced the Locked Folder for the images you prefer to hide behind a password or some biometric authentication.

Locked Folders will first come on Pixel devices (in the summer) and will be available on more Android devices throughout the year. Pixel devices will also be able to store photos directly in the locked folder from the camera.

Even more cinematic photos

Google released cinematic photos in December, a feature that makes your photos a little more XNUMXD through a motion element. Google is now extending this feature to allow you to embed multiple images into one type of slow motion animation.

You may have seen this effect. It is often used for example in TV commercials and may take some time to do with some traditional software. Google AI can do this automatically.

Google reports that most people take two or three photos at a time for best results. Movie photos allow these extra shots not to be lost, as Google will recognize similar images and automatically create animated videos.

Highlight your "little patterns"

Artificial intelligence is quite good at pattern recognition. Google has noticed that people tend to take pictures with similar objects or themes - habits we may not even notice. Google will now collect the images in a mini-album called Little Patterns.

More Appearance Control

Η service Google Photos lets you view older images (as memories), but most do not look back at every photo they have taken. Either because they were shot with someone ex or because someone does not want to remember a specific time period. So Google says it will offer more control over the photos that the app displays.

Google says "showing some photos is painful" and is working with GLAAD to make the photos appear more appealing.


  • It will more easily hide certain people or certain periods of time.
  • You will be able to report the best moments of your trip.
  • You will soon be able to remove a photo from Memories.
  • You will be able to change the Best of Month memories

Changes are likely to be welcome, of course, but Google AI literally seems to read and understand every photo. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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