What you know about buying and renting movies from Google Play

From 20 June 2014 Google has also begun to provide film reproduction services to Greece -the service is provided in 90 countries globally. Thus, the Greek Google Play has acquired a videotape with films from 20th Century Fox, Paramount, Sony, Universal and Warner Bros. Their films are available for hire and purchase, both in standard and high definition, with a highlight of the existence or not of Greek subtitles.google play movies

Each movie on Google Play is accompanied by quality information that is available and can be viewed in normal resolution on the Web. Purchases from Google Play are made using the so-called Google Wallet (ie linked to a credit / debit card). No other payment options are available in Greecesuch as Google Play gift cards or PayPal.

Experience begins by downloading the Google Play Movies & TV app. This app is available for both Android and iOS devices running Android 2.2 or iOS 6.0 and higher versions respectively. At least at this time, however, movies purchased on Google Play can not be saved on your computer or iOS device. Movies can be viewed on the TV when the smartphone or tablet can be connected via HDMI or with it chromecast, which is not yet available in Greece.



Movies are grouped into categories according to their genre, in Top and New Releases. Also, the user can see movie listings based on the actor, the director or the free search.

You should also be aware that:

  • The tape is stored in the internal storage area of ​​the device and can not be moved to an SD card or other external storage.
  • But you can save a movie you've purchased on up to five devices at a time.
  • To watch, you must be signed in to the Google Account you used to order the movie. You can not transfer movies or TV shows between accounts.
  • TV shows are not available in Greece.

In terms of rental, there is no limitation on the number of views during the period defined during the rental. However, you will often encounter the requirement to start viewing within 30 days of the rental date and complete within 48 hours of the start of the view.

Note that you can cancel rent - and make a refund - if you have not tracked it within 7 business days. In addition, you retain the right to request a refund for another reason through the Google Play Help Center, but if this is submitted after 7 business days then Google reserves the right to reject it at its discretion.

For a movie to appear from Google Play, you must be connected to the Internet and signed into your Google Account. You should also make sure that you authorize your device to play movies from Google Play while you are connected to the Internet so you can view the movie without Internet access in the future. You can set five devices to view offline movies and "play" with authorizations by removing the viewing privilege from one to give it to another, though here there are limitations-headaches: you can only authorize the same device three times in any 12 month period and remove the authorization of the same device twice in any 12 month period, remove the authorization of a total of 2 devices for offline playback every 90 days. Finally, you can not authorize more than 3 Google Accounts on the same device.

You can not see the same movie on more than one device (whether on an internet connection or an authorized offline device). This does not mean that you can not view different movies you have purchased, but there is a limitation on their number and there are three "content feeds".

The first creepy comments on the service are about the prices of movies. For example that the film «300: The Rise of Empire" is available to rent instead of € 4,99 in HD, and € 3,99 in SD, and for purchase at € 16,99 (HD), or € 13,99 (SD). A quick inspection shows that the lowest rental rate is 2,99 euros. There are movies that are not available for rent but only for purchase. Finally, there is no possibility to view movies with monthly subscription.

Each film is accompanied by a rating (%), according to the judgment of the online service rotten tomatoes.

Note: It's interesting to know the rights you grant to the Movies app Google Play:

This app has access to:
find accounts on the device
add or remove accounts

Photos / Media / Archives
access to protected storage space
modify or delete USB storage

Wi-Fi connection information
view Wi-Fi connections

Device identifier and call information
status and phone id reading

YouTube user names
viewing configured accounts
downloading data from the Internet
close field communication control
use accounts on the device
read Google configuration services
switch sync on and off
execution at start
full access to the network
pairing with Bluetooth devices
read synchronization settings
view network connections
prevent the device from being idle

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