How to save free 50.000 songs to Google Play Music

Today Google announced that it is upgrading the music capacity from 20.000 to 50.000 songs on Google Play Music. The good thing is that you will not even have to subscribe to Google Play Music All Access.Google Play Music

So you can save your music to streaming from all your devices so you need to save them to them.

How can you start storing your music on the cloud to have streaming access from everywhere?
Follow these steps:

1. Connect to Google Play Music with your Google Account, you can do so at:

Sign up for the service if requested.
2. Request your free storage - If you want to try the Google Play subscription service, click "Get Started". Otherwise, click "Use Standard”To continue with free storage.
3. Add music to your gallery - The installation process will guide you through the addition of the Chrome app, which provides seamless loading. You can choose to simply upload your entire iTunes library or select other music folders. You can upload up to 50.000 songs for free.

Follow the steps above and access your music at any time from what devices you have. You can stream or download music on Android, your iPhone, or the iPad for a listening when you're offline. Imagine that you will no longer need to carry your music to a USB stick as long as there is internet.

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