Google Play: Apps for WannaCry not infecting Android

And suddenly the Google Play Store was filled with applications that promise to protect you from the WannaCry ransomware, although there is no way to spread the infection on Android devices.

However, the spread of WannaCry has stabilized… It seems that there are some who are trying to use the name WannaCry in some way. The ransomware has spread to 150 countries, affecting some 300.000 computers, and no smartphones, because malware exploits a Windows vulnerability. This means that there is no way it can spread to Android devices.WannaCry

Developers of these applications have tried to take advantage of the panic created by the rapid spread of malicious software and have created fake apps that promise to protect Android users from attacks.

So if you search for the name WannaCry in the Play Store you will notice that there are some apps that are supposed to want to help you with various tips and tricks.

McAfee researchers have examined one of the apps and discovered that they not only do not need it, but also suggest false functions and tricks to download a second app that is full of ads. This application promises to provide a malware scanner.

McAfee says it did not find any malware in these applications.

The story, however, with the fake apps that use the name WannaCry, shows the tendency of many laborers to use trending names to make money. Of course, they are targeted at internet users who are totally ignorant of what's really going on, since in this case malware can not spread to Android devices.

So check out what's going on, check the developer, read reviews of others who installed the app, or who spotted the fraud.
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