What video ads does Google ban?

Google, one of the founding members of the CBA, he said its plans to apply the upcoming rules to its products, such as the Chrome browser, advertising platform and YouTube video portal.

The Coalition for Better Ads (CBA from the Coalition for Better Ads), a team dedicated to improving the state of online advertising, also announced today new rules for ads featuring short videos (less than eight minutes).

From August 5, 2020, Google announces that Chrome will use built-in ad-blocking capabilities to block all video ads that do not comply with these new regulations.

Video ads running through Google Ad Platforms and YouTube ads will also need to comply in the coming months.

In the coming months, Google will start scanning websites and if they use an account in the Google Search Console, it will send warnings to administrators if any of their videos violate the new rules.

Managers who will not change them advertisements with their specific videos, will be blocked by Chrome. Remember that Chrome users account for about 60% of all Internet users.

Which videos were banned? The following four video formats are considered unwanted:

Drug and alcohol abuse policy

This policy prohibits the use of drugs and alcohol in videos.

Ads that can not stop


The policy refers to ads that cannot be stopped before they are displayed or within the first 5 seconds.

Mid-roll ads

Mid-roll ads are suddenly thrown into another video playing, interrupting the content.


Large ads that capture the entire screen and block the video player

These are image or text ads that appear at the top or in the middle of a video and cover more than 20% of the video player

The CBA said it had concluded that these forms of advertising were intrusive based on a market survey of 45.000 consumers in eight countries.

The new rules do not apply to videos longer than eight minutes.

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