Google has added Grogu from the Mandalorian series as a 3D object to Search

For fans of the Mandalorian series and Star Wars movies, Google has added little Yoda Grogu as a 3D object to Search.

Google has added a new XNUMXD object to the growing collection of augmented reality objects that you can discover in Search. This is the little hero Grogu, starring in Mandalotrian foreign television series (The Mandalorian). When you ask a question about "Baby Yoda" or "Grogu" on a mobile, you will see the relevant information as well as a button where you can start a XNUMXD model of the character.

Like other detectable AR objects in Search, you can see the Grogu in your space after a short calibration.

Google is adding more and more 3D objects to Search, from 2019. A few days ago, he added 50 new animals to play with, such as zebra, pig and hippopotamus.

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