Google RAISR New image compression technology

Google has just released a new image compression technology called RAISR from Rapid and Accurate Super Image Resolution. The new technology is designed to save your valuable data without sacrificing the quality of your photos.

The company claims that RAISR will use up to 75% less bandwidth since it will process and analyze low and high quality image versions. Once a picture is analyzed, the algorithm learns what makes the best version superior and simulates the differences in the image with the lowest resolution. Google RAISR

In essence, this is done using mechanical learning and creating an Instagram filter that can trick your eye to believe that lower quality images are at the same level as high resolution variants.

Unfortunately, the technology will initially work only on Google+ where Google says it will support upscaling to over a billion images a week.

If you do not want to use Google+, you will have to wait a little longer because, according to the company, RAISR will be added to more applications in the coming months.

Hopefully this means we'll see it where it really is, see Google Photos.

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