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As our lives become more and more digital, they are also starting to become more searchable. Today, many people can find personal information about you. For example, your phone number, or your physical address with a simple Google search.

This is of course not always ideal, and makes many people uncomfortable. Google of course knows this and gives everyone the opportunity to clean this information from their search engine.


On Wednesday, the company released “Results About You,” a new tool that allows users to request the removal of their physical address, phone number and email address with a few clicks. The new Results About You service is currently only available to US users.

In addition, starting next year, users will be able to set notifications about their personal information in Results About You, which will give them the ability to ask Google to remove displayed information more quickly. The feature is available as a Google app as well as in your browser.

If you've ever tried to remove your personal information from Google, you'll know it's not easy. The company has tons of removal policies for different content, from unintentional porn and exploitative sites, to underage images and doxxing content. Of course all this can give you a headache.

With Results About You, the company promises to simplify the process, at least for removing certain types of information. The feature will also serve as a hub for other Google content removal policies.

While it will only provide a quick and easy removal process for physical addresses, phone numbers and email addresses, it will inform those concerned about content that falls under Google's other policies. It will then direct them through the process of applying for its removal. It will be like a service compass to get lost in the complexity. The Best Technology Site in Greece
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  1. … great feature…

    So let's "forget", let's not find evidence and records of deeds for the people who voted for the memoranda, for the ... judges who found the memoranda to be constitutional, for doctors stunned by the "possibilities" of vaccines, so stunned that they imposed them on billions ries of people, let's not find for multinational fraudsters who were punished all over the world (except ... Nigeria of Europe) and so many others that "must" be forgotten.

    Heil technology

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