Google downloads 29 Android photo apps for scams

H απέσυρε 29 Android εφαρμογές από το Play Store, επειδή έκλεβαν φωτογραφίες και προωθούν απάτες. Μερικές από αυτές έχουν εκατομμύρια downloads. Δείτε την λίστα μήπως έχετε κατεβάσει κάποια από αυτές και αν ναι διαγράψτε την αμέσως.


Google still faces malicious Android apps that manage to slip out of the Play Store despite improvements has done recently in the security code.

Εν προκειμένω, η εταιρεία απέσυρε πρόσφατα από το Play Store 29 εφαρμογές για κάμερες και φωτογραφίες αφού κατέστη σαφές ότι προορίζονταν να προωθήσουν ενοχλητικές διαφημίσεις, απατεώνες και ακόμη να κλέψουν περιεχόμενο. Οι εφαρμογές αυτές προωθούσαν διαφημίσεις πλήρους , συμπεριλαμβανομένης της πορνογραφίας, ενώ μερικές εξ αυτών εκτελούσαν απάτες ηλεκτρονικού “ψαρέματος” (phishing) για να κλέβουν προσωπικές σας πληροφορίες με το πρόσχημα των διαγωνισμών.

Another group of photography applications claimed that it could beautify your photos, but in reality it just stole the photos you were uploading.

According to Trend Micro, applications used multiple aka packers to prevent analysis, as well as deep encryption for remote servers. There is also the possibility that you will find it difficult to delete them.

The problem is that these apps were quite popular before them Google. In total, 11 of the apps have been downloaded more than 100.000 times, and three of them more than a million times, which means that the victims are many.

And as we have said before, since Google can not find a way to catch these applications at birth, for every application you download you should watch it and keep in mind for suspicious moves.

The list of malicious Android applications is as follows:

Package Name Facilities Pro Camera Beauty +1,000,000 Cartoon Art Photo +1,000,000
com.lyrebirdstudio.emoji_camera Emoji Camera +1,000,000 Artistic effect Filter +500,000
art.filter.editor.imge Art Editor +100,000 Beauty Camera +100,000 Selfie Camera Pro +100,000 Horizon Beauty Camera +100,000 Super Camera +100,000 Art Effects for Photo +100,000

Awesome Cartoon Art +100,000
com.photoeditor.artfilterphoto Art Filter Photo +50,000
com.photocorner.artfilter.arteffect.prizma Art Filter Photo Effcts +10,000
com.picfix.cartoonphotoeffects Cartoon Effect +10,000
com.picsartitude.arteffect Art Effect +10,000
com.csmart.photoframelab Photo Editor +5,000

Wallpapers HD +5,000


Magic Art Filter Photo Editor +5,000 Fill Art Photo Editor +1,000
com.artflipphotoediting ArtFlipPhotoEditing +1,000
com.artphoto.artfilter.artpiczone Art Filter +1,000
com.photoeditor.cartoonphoto Cartoon Art Photo +1,000
com.photoeditor.prismaeffects Prizma Photo Effect +1,000
com.cmds.artphotofiltereffect Cartoon Art Photo Filter +100
com.latestnewappzone.photoartfiltereditor Art Filter Photo Editor +100
com.livewallpaperstudio.pixture pixture +100
app.pixelworlds.arteffect Art Effect +50


Photo Art Effect +10
com.techbuzz.cartoonfilter Cartoon Photo Filter 5+ The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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