Google easily delete your search history

Google has today released an update to help users clear their search history. For those who do not know, the company logs the search activity on the logged-in users and links them to their account.

Although it was possible to delete this activity, the way it was done was not very simple. Users had to open the "My Activity" page after logging in to their Google Account to delete some or all of the entries. However, the page did not have a "delete all"

From now on, things will be much easier, as only one click on the "Your data in Search" page is required to delete the entire search history that Google has saved in your account.

Google also added a link to the data management options on the main Google Search page, but users of the company's services can also open the following link directly:

The "Your data in Search" administration page will open. Scroll down and you will see the option "Delete your Search activity."

Select "Delete all Search activity" to delete the entire history or "Delete last hour" to delete searches performed in the last 60 minutes.
Confirm that you want to delete the entries by selecting "delete" in the pop-up window.

The popup window highlights that Google may retain some telemetry data, e.g. the number of searches for a user after deleting the search activity you have selected.

Google, on the other hand, has published a YouTube video that reports the benefits of capturing a user's search activity.

Changes are available for mobile and web searches today. Google plans to update both Android and iOS apps to integrate this feature. We will see the applications in the coming weeks.


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